Solution Development for Top Nordic Company of Consulting Engineers and Architects
Our client is one of the largest consultancy companies specializing in architecture and engineering. With over 800 employees at 25 different locations, the agency delivers database and map solutions for mobile and web apps in different areas. The company uses innovative methods and solutions to ensure the development solution stands out from the crowd.
DIY Projects in a Passionate Community
Our client is a creative technology company renowned for its crafting essentials and cutting machines. Embracing creativity, the company provides people with innovative tools, materials, and machines for their DIY projects. The client’s industry-leading products are famous worldwide, bringing together creative people who are ready to change their perception of the do-it-yourself journey.
Make the Future of Content Creation
Our client is a global leader in multichannel communication and publishing as well as software for digital asset management. Working since 2000, the company delivers the solutions – creating, managing, and publishing content – that help businesses to fully realize their potential. Using Adobe solutions, the company ensures product development is innovative and prosperous.
Enabling People and Technologies for a Safe and Secure World
The Center for Adaptive Security Research and Applications (CASRA) is an interdisciplinary team of scientists, security experts, and software engineers with a common purpose and mission. CASRA is a leading organization in security research and applications, in particular regarding human-machine interaction in X-ray screening, socio-technical systems, selection, training, and certification of security screeners.
End-to-End Strategic ICT Services
AXI is an independent ICT partner in Belgium and the Netherlands. They conceive, develop, and manage innovative software solutions for retail, government, healthcare, service, and industry.
Software Solutions for Finance and Insurance Sectors
Profit Software is an independent software and consultancy services vendor focusing on banks and insurance companies. They also offer a wide range of expertise and services within business analytics and data management across multiple industries.
State-of-the-Art Engineering and Automation Projects
Improvement. That is what Agidens is all about. For more than 70 years, they have been helping companies in various sectors to improve their operations in the areas of security, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Agidens is supporting clients by offering consulting and engineering solutions, delivering turnkey automated solutions, or by providing maintenance and support.
Creating IT Solutions for the Future
SLTN is one of the largest IT companies in the Netherlands. They work on the most challenging IT projects in Finance, Healthcare, and Government sectors. They have 450+ colleagues on board and serve more than 1,400 customers globally. They work with a large and diverse portfolio of tech suppliers and partners, so you have ample opportunity to work with the latest technologies.
Smart AI-driven Solutions for Redefining Global Mining Processes
Our client is a global mining company with a world-class portfolio of competitive operations that are used by a billion consumers on a daily basis. Our client relies on innovative practices and advanced data science to discover new and enhance current operations. Working together with dozens of business partners and diverse stakeholders, the company also uses advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to optimize its processes and improve people’s lives.
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